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The Photo
Rokilio Outing with Pack 3641
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Four Webelos (Mason, Max, Nicky and Zach) from Pack 3641 (Jacob Shapiro Elementary School) joined Troop 615 at its November campout at the Fort inside Cub Scout World Camp Rokilio.  We had another great time together.  Thanks to B-2, Travis, Chris, Jeremy, Jason, Michael, Jake, Tyler and Andrew for sharing your scouting skills.  They explored Rokilio at night, made huts from branches and leaves, with three Scorpions even sleeping out Saturday night, went bogging and returned as champions of Capture the Flag with other units in Rokilio that weekend.  Even the Webelos leaders learned to relax.  Thanks also Mr. Hentz and Mr. Kraft.  We had another great time together; so did the Rokilio elves that snuck into over Saturday night redecorated the Fort's great room.

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