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The Photo
Summer Camp at Many Point
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The day-long journeys to/from Many Point Scout Camp, meeting new friends from Norway and exchanging uniforms and patches with the Norwegian Explorers, learning new cheers and songs, plenty of campfires, merit badges, the ticks, mosquitoes, loons, raccoons and porcupine, the hikes and adventures, even a birthday song for a woman celebrating her birthday at the Tamarack Lodge...memories of summer camp 2004 that are captured here.

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We left on Saturday and cooked breakfast on our own Sunday morning.  On Thursday night, we gave to the Buckskin camp staff a Troop 615 scarf, signed by all the scouts and the leaders, a container of ashes collected from our campfires in the sprit of the Brownsea tradition, and a pan of freshly baked fudge brownies from the dining hall. And under close BSA supervision, we enjoyed a troop shoot at the range.     

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