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The Photo
Troop Backpacking Weekend 2004
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The troop opened its 2004-05 program years with a backpack outing to Twin Lakes Scout Reservation.  Mr. Hielsberg did the skills instruction during the first two troop meetings in September and the patrols planned the menus and duty rosters.  Because of conflicting athletic schedules departure was delayed until Saturday morning.  B-2 led the troop on its required hike into Outdoorsman where, after setting up camp, the scouts used the backpack stoves to make lunch.  In the afternoon, they went tromping around the reservation and eventually decided that the troop really needed the fixings for s'mores that night.  So, they retraced their hiking steps and Mr. Kraft drove them into town for marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars.  The scouts hiked backed into site just in time to make supper with everyone.  Afterwards, they sought out the troop from Green Lake for a game of capture the flag.  A Scouts Own preceded the campfire and s'mores.  On Sunday morning, they hiked back out and the troop was safely home by noon.

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